The Easiest Way to Auto Post From WordPress to Social Networks


There are many plugins for sharing your WordPress blog posts to your social media networks once you publish them. It is very time consuming to manually add your posts to all of your social media networks after publishing a post, especially with the increasing social places on the internet. It is tough to keep up [...]

How to Add a Random Video Player Widget to a WordPress Blog


Showing videos in a WordPress blog is great for engaging your readers and making them stick around to watch them. I have seen many bloggers who want to display random videos within a widget in their blog. This can be done by looking for a plugin, which is time consuming. I have done the hard [...]

7 Online Multiple Intelligence Tests


There are several good and reliable multiple intelligence tests you can take online. Usually the results of these tests are available instantly after the test is complete. Most of these tests are free to take, and take only a couple of minutes to do. Knowing what intelligences you have will give you an awareness of [...]

The Multiple Intelligence Theory Explained


Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences. Howard Gardner. Multiple intelligence theory is a theory in psychology created by Howard Gardner in 1983. It is about the different types of intelligences that people know or think about. According to the [...]

The Eight Different Types of Intelligences by Gardner


According to the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner, there are eight different categories of intelligence which humans can have. They are listed below with an explanation for each intelligence. Image source: 1.    Verbal/Linguistic (Word smart) Anyone that is word smart is naturally good with speaking, writing, learning new languages, and memorization. They also [...]